Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pre0rder Price List Here!!

 Price Are Not Including Postage Fee.

Lens   Can only mix with Lens
Lens █  Can only mix with lens █
Lens Can only mix with Lens

Kira-kira series RM35 (0-1000)
Dizon Eye RM35 (0-1000)
SugarCandy RM35 (0-1000)
Puffy 3tones RM35 (0-1000)
POP C Light & Dark RM25 (0-1000)
Crystal i & Dreamy i RM25 (0-1000)
Princess Nudy RM25 (0-1000)

Love Lattice Pink RM25 (0-650)
Love Lattice Grey RM25 (0-650)
Love Lattice Brown RM25 (0-650)
Love Lattice Violet RM25 (0-650)
Love Lattice Blue RM25 (0-650)
Love Lattice Green RM25 (0-650)
Diamond Grey RM25 (0-650)
Diamond Brown RM25 (0-650)
Honey Grey RM25 (0-650)
Honey Brown RM25 (0-650)
Honey Blue RM25 (0-650)
Honey Violet RM25 (0-650)
Honey Green RM25 (0-650)

Max pure brown:RM24 (0-1000)
Max pure grey:RM24 (0-1000)
Max pure pink:RM26 (0-1000)

X.HONEY BROWN:RM22 (0-1000)
X.HONEY GREY :RM22 (0-1000)

naomi violet :RM22(0 degree only)
naomi blue :RM22(0 degree only)
naomi green:RM22(0 degree only)
naomi brown:RM22 (0-800)
naomi grey:RM22 (0-800)

super nudy pink:RM26 (0-1000)
  super nudy violet :RM24 (0-600)
  super nudy green :RM24 (0-600)
  super nudy blue : RM24 (0-1000)
super nudy brown:RM24 (0-1000)
super nudy grey : RM24 (0-1000)

super angel violet :0 (RM24)
super angel green : 0 (RM24) 
super angel blue :0-1000 (RM24
super angel brown : 0-1000 (RM24)
super angel grey : 0-1000 (RM24)

LUNA king (17mm) 0-1000 (RM24)
bt01 0-1000 (RM22) 
dm22 0-1000 (RM22) 
mx21 0-1000 (RM22)

bt02 violet 0-1000 (RM22)
bt02 blue 0-1000 (RM22)
bt02 green 0-1000(RM22) 
bt02 brown 0-1000(RM22) 
bt02 grey 0-1000(RM22)

ifax brown(14.0mm) 0-1000(RM22) 
ifax grey(14.0mm) 0-1000(RM22) 
bt03 brown(14.0mm) 0-1000(RM22) 
bt03 grey(14.0mm) 0-1000(RM22)

mx21 violet 0(RM22)
mx21 blue 0-1000(RM22) 
mx21 green 0(RM22)
mx21 brown 0-1000(RM22)
mx21 grey 0-1000(RM22)

dm23 brown 0-1000(RM22)
dm23 grey 0-1000(RM22) 
dm23 blue 0-1000(RM22) 
dm23 violet 0(RM22) 
dm23 green 0(RM22)

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